Restaurantes Clandestinos del Mundo

Lista de restaurantes clandestinos del mundo: Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, Londres, Berlín, Buenos Aires…..

Los restaurantes clandestinos son lugares escondidos. Este es un listado de restaurantes clandestinos de verdad. Un sitio a tener en cuenta para  personas que ofrecen cenas en sus casas, galerías de arte, trastiendas, o cualquiera otro espacio privado.

La Contrasenya sale citada en la lista de los de Barcelona.

— España —

Barcelona – La Contrasenya

Barcelona – Jezebel’s Night

Barcelona – Kokun

Madrid – La Cantina del Mar

Sierra Nevada – Jardín de la Alpujarra

Solano – La Rosilla – The Chef’s Table


North America

— Canada —

Prince Edward County – 1one1 UnRestaurant – article with e-mail link

Sanguenay (Chicoutimi), Quebec – Gourmets Clandestins

Singhampton, Ontario – Eigensinn Farm

Toronto – Charlies Burgers

Toronto – Hidden Lounge

Toronto – House of Commons

Toronto – Ronica’s Divans

Toronto – 6 Degrees Underground

Vancouver – Chef Todd’s Apartment 12B (more of a privately catered dinner, as you need to put together the whole group yourself)

Vancouver – Farm-2-Fork

Vancouver – Swallow Tail Supper Club

Vancouver – The Birds Nest

Vancouver – VanGourmet

Vancouver – Vegan Secret Supper

— Caribbean —

Havana – Top 10 Paladares in Havana

Havana – Cuba Restaurants

Havana – Cuisine only tourists can afford

Havana – Havana Journal

Havana – La Guarida

Havana – Paladares Havana

Port Antonio, Jamaica – Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

Tortola, British Virgin Islands – Senior Travel

— Mexico —

La Paz, Baja Sur – Casa Cóctel

— United States —

Ann Arbor, MI- Bona Sera Supper Club – a community group that throws benefit dinners at various secret locations

Ann Arbor, MI – TT Supper Club – small, in-home fundraising dinners

Athens, GA – The Four Coursemen

Atlanta – Curry Cravings

Atlanta – Rogue Apron

Atlanta – Souper Jenny! – cafe that holds occasional invitation only dinner events

Austin, TX – Dai Due

Austin TX – Supper Underground

Bay Saint-Louis, MS – The Big Sleazy Speakeasy

Belfast, ME – The Lost Kitchen

Boise, ID – The Hidden Table

Boston (Sommerville) – Casa Bobonis

Boston – O.N.C.E.

Boston – Washburn Underground Kitchen

Boston – Wink

Bozeman, MT – Hush Bozeman

Cape Cod, MA – Frank’s Cucina

Charleston, SC – Guerrilla Cuisine

Charleston, SC – L.I.M.E.

Chicago – Chicago Tribune article

Chicago – Chicago Dinner Chat

Chicago – City Provisions Supper Club – catering company that hosts wandering events

Chicago – Clandestino

Chicago – Culinary Speakeasy

Chicago – One Sister Inc.

Chicago – Sinhá

Chicago – S&M’s Underground

Chicago – Sunday Dinner

Chicago – Wandering Goat

Chicago – X-marx Chicago

Chicago – Yo Soy

Chicago also has some similar ventures like Sunday Dinners (catering company that holds invitation only dinners for “members” when they don’t have bookings) and Wellfleet (fish purveyor who runs a once a week “occasional” restaurant) – not precisely the in-home/underground scene, but on the fringe and both come highly recommended

Dallas – Light-bulb Oven

Dallas (Keller) – Second Saturday at the Manor

Denver – Beware of Dog

Denver – Hush Denver

Denver – Noble Swine Supper Club

Dundee, OR – Sub Rosa (virtually underground…i.e., as far as I know, this is a cyberspace eatery only)

Durham, NC – Too Cool for School

Earlton, NY – Basement Bistro

“East Bay”, CA – Joe’s Bustaurant

Estero, FL – Blue Windows

Fairfield Country, CT – Souterrain

Greensboro, NC – The Next Supper

Houston – Tenacity Supper Club

Kutztown, PA – Tess Kitchen – I’m not quite clear on this one, Huffington Post wrote it up, apparently this jewelry designer also occasionally hosts in-home dinners, though there’s no direct mention on their website

Las Vegas, NV – Paladare Las Vegas

Los Angeles – Chicks with Knives

Los Angeles – Currawong

Los Angeles – Gourmet dining goes underground

Los Angeles – The Hidden Agenda (caterer who offers bi-monthly underground dinners)

Los Angeles – Miguel Nelson – large scale events

Los Angeles – On the Lamb

Los Angeles – Orgasmo de la Boca

Los Angeles – Pheast

Los Angeles – Secret Suppers

Los Angeles – Sent by Joe

Los Angeles – Taste of Pace

Los Angeles – The Un-Curry Table

Los Angeles/Studio City – Underground Kitchen

Madison, WI – Black Market

Madison, WI – School Woods Supper Club

Madison, WI – Underground Kitchen

Miami – Cobaya – Gourmet Guinea Pigs

Miami – KMBP 2.0

Milwaukee – Sub Rosa (I’ve only seen this place referenced in a couple of articles, a vegan dining club for up to 80 people, if anyone has more info, let me know.)

Minneapolis – Notes from an Underground Restaurant

Multi-City – Anti-Restaurants

Multi-City – Kitchen not so confidential

Multi-City – Like-a-Local (forum to offer and accept dining with, playing with, living with locals as you travel)

Multi-City – One Pot

Multi-City – Outstanding in the Field

Multi-City – Psst … Alice Waters Sent Me

Multi-City – Restaurants on the Fringe, And Thriving

Multi-City – Supper Club

Multi-City – The Anti-Restaurants

Multi-City – The Supper Club

Multi-City – 2 Guys Investigate

Multi-City – Underground Dining – Restaurant Alternative?

Multi-City – Underground Restaurants

Multi-City – World’s Best Secret Dining Clubs

Nashville, TN – Esoteric Vegan

Nevada City, NV – In the Kitchen with Wendy Van Wagner

Nevada City, NV – Polly’s Paladar

NE Washington & N Idaho – The Wandering Table

New York City – Adventures in Secret Dining

New York City (Downtown Manhattan) – Apt 4 food & wine

New York City – Bread, Butter, Cheese – underground grilled cheese sandwich delivery…

New York City (Prospect Lefferts Gardens) – Brooklyn Edible Social Club

New York City (Brooklyn) – Brooklyn Laundry

New York City (East Village) – The Cardinal Club

New York City (Chinatown) – Chinatown Cake Club

New York City (Brooklyn) – Choice Cuts

New York City – City Grit

New York City – Corsair Club (proving this isn’t a new phenomenon…)

New York City (Brooklyn) – Devorar

New York City – Entree New

New York City – Evoe!

New York City (Williamsburg) – 4 Course Vegan

New York City (Williamsburg) – Good Iron

New York City (Gramercy) – The Good Knife

New York City – Guerilla Culinary Brigade

New York City (West Side Manhattan) – Home Slice West

New York City (roving popup) – The Hunger

New York City (Bedford-Stuyvesant) – Masala Loca

New York City (Bedford-Stuyvesant) – Midnight Brunch

New York City (Greenpoint) – Nasturtium

New York City (Williamsburg, I think) – New Deal Supper Club (Rabbit Mafia)

New York City – The Noble Rot

New York City (Bushwick) – One Big Table

New York City (Brooklyn and other locations) – A Razor, A Shiny Knife

New York City – Red Box Bistro

New York City (Greenpoint) – Reel Tasty (Forking Tasty)

New York City – Secret Restaurants

New York City – Studio Feast

New York City (Astoria) – The Sunday Night Dinner

New York City (Williamsburg) – Tchoup Shop – popup occasional BBQ in the backyard of DBA bar

New York City (Fort Greene) – The Ted and Amy Supper Club and a review

New York City (Tribeca) – Thursdays at Worth St.

New York City (Carroll Gardens) – 2 Bridges Supper Club

New York City (“Outer Boroughs”) – Under Belly

New York City – Underground Food Collective

New York City – Underground Lobster Pound – underground lobster roll delivery…

New York City – Undergrounds Unite (a group of 5 NYC supperclubs that get together and co-sponsor occasional events)

New York City (Williamsburg) – Whisk & Ladle Supper Club

Oakland, CA – Canvas Underground

Oakland, CA – Ghetto Gourmet (Although based from Oakland, CA, they put on events nationwide)

Oakland, CA – Paladar Temescal

Orange County, CA – Block & Wheel Underground Dinners

Philadelphia – L’Atelier (catered dinners in offbeat venues)

Pittsburgh, PA – Sunday Night Dinner

Portland, OR – Back Room

Portland, OR – D’Merde (more of an art gathering, but with food and drink)

Portland, OR – Plate and Pitchfork Farm Dinners

Portland, OR – Simpatica

Prospect, TN – The Poetry Reading – midway between Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL

Sacramento – The Hidden Kitchen

Sacramento – Pajo’s Fine Dining

Sacramento (Fair Oaks), CA – Suburban Suppers

Sacramento – The Wine

San Francisco – Brassica Supperclub – temporarily(?) closed after a police visit

San Francisco – Cook Here and Now

San Francisco – Cook with James

San Francisco – Du Jour Dining

San Francisco – graffEats Guerilla Dining

San Francisco – Guerilla Gourmet

San Francisco – Introducing the Utterly Random Dinner Party

San Francisco – The Phoenix Supper Club

San Francisco – Radio Africa & Kitchen

San Francisco – Secret Dining in San Francisco

San Francisco – Secret Parties of the Hippest Hip

San Francisco – Shaw’s Supper Club

San Francisco – Speakeasy Cuisine

San Francisco – SPICE

San Francisco – Sub-Culture Dining

San Francisco – Tip Top Supper Club

San Francisco – Wild Kitchen

San Jose, CA – “spēk-,ē-zē

San Jose, CA – Urban Food Secrets… Revealed!

Saratoga Springs, NY – Private Dining Experience

Seattle – Cache

Seattle – Cloak-and-Dagger Dining

Seattle – Gypsy

Seattle – Home

Seattle – One Pot

Seattle – Rebel, Disgraced, Tries to Pull Off Rebound

Seattle – Underground dining is poised to claim the spotlight

Silver Spring, MD – Dining Under the Table

Sonoma – Bistro Incognito

Spokane – Ghetto Gourmand

St. Louis – entre: Underground – talk about hidden, you can’t even view the website without an invitation!

Tampa Bay, FL – The Hidden Table

Tennessee (Eastern) – Voodoo Kitchen

Turlock, CA – Relish Rogue

Washington, DC – Hush

Washington, DC – Orange Arrow – a bit bigger operation, but in the spirit of this page, oh, and you have to be referred…more info about them in a Post article

Wilmington, DE – Flipside

Woodstock, NY – Woodstock’s Hidden Kitchen

——— South America
— Argentina —

Acassuso – 15 a Puertas Cerradas

Buenos Aires – Afro-Kitschen

Buenos Aires – Allium Cocina + Sentidos

Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo) – Almacen Secreto – a little less underground than it used to be

Buenos Aires – Behind Closed Doors

Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Buena Birra Social Club

Buenos Aires (Belgrano) – Casa Alma Tinto

Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Casa Coupage

Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Casa Mun

Buenos Aires (Recoleta) – Casa Parrilla

Buenos Aires (Retiro) – Casa Roca

Buenos Aires (Recoleta) – Casa SaltShaker – our own place

Buenos Aires (San Cristobál) – Château Matheu

Buenos Aires (San Telmo) – Cocina Garden

Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Cocina Sunae

Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Colectivo Felix

Buenos Aires (Villa Devoto) – Comer con Amigos

Buenos Aires (Belgrano) – Como Como en Casa – catering company that does a monthly puertas cerradas dinner

Buenos Aires (Villa DeVoto) – Dantón Cuisine

Buenos Aires (Villa del Parque) – El Poney Pisador

Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Flechazo

Buenos Aires (San Telmo) – Le Restaurant

Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo) – La Cocina Discreta

Buenos Aires (Belgrano) – Mis Raices (for more than 30 years!)

Buenos Aires (Villa del Parque) – Nice Food

Buenos Aires – Noches Grimod

Buenos Aires (Almagro) – Paladar Buenos Aires or their facebook page

Buenos Aires (Almagro) РPaladar Do̱a Fela

Buenos Aires – Psst! Want a Discreet Dinner?

Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo) – Sammy’s

Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Tipo Casa

Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Treinta Sillas Ghetto Gourmet

Mar del Plata – Casa de Aromas

Mendoza – 743 Bistro

Mendoza – Los Chocos

San Isidro – 326 Puertas Adentro

— Brazil —

Porto Alegre – Anteprima

São Paulo – Casa dos Cariris

São Paulo – Patuá

São Paulo – Les Amis (and, apparently, we inspired them to open their place)

— Chile —

Santiago, Chile – Oty’s Family Dinners

— Peru —

Ayacucho – Hilda Maurina Mamani Cáceres

Lima – Bon Vivant Savant

Lima – Huariques – Spanish language blog that covers both puertas cerradas (closed door) restaurants and “hole-in-the-wall” spots

Lima – Secrets of the Sea

Lima – Fusion dining in Lima – Machu Picchu can wait

Lima – A Puerta Cerrada

Lima – Inexpensive Restaurant Choices (Sankuay, Sonia, Tio Mario, El Encuentro de Otani)

Pucalipa-Ucayali – Angela Davila De Rengifo

Pucallpa-Ucayali – Mirla Soraya Sanchez Diaz

— Uruguay —

Montevideo – La Cuisine Secrete

——— Europe
— Austria —

Vienna – The Dining Room

Vienna – Dining That’s Not Set To Strauss Waltzes

— Czech Republic —

Prague – Gallery Hunger

Prague – SPREAD Supper Club & Private Dining

Prague – U Jednoho pokoje (At the One Room), a.k.a. Chez Julien

— Denmark —

Copenhagen – First on the Right

Copenhagen – Silver.Spoon

— France —

Châteauneuf – Red Radish Supper Club

Courdemanche – The Secret Garden

Lamalou les Bains (Languedoc) – FAB Supper Club

Lyon – Le Salon Anglais

Paris – Un artiste à la Table

Paris – Aux Chiens Lunatiques

Paris – Derrière

Paris – The Gentle Gourmet – vegan b&B that also offers dinners by reservation

Paris – The Hidden Kitchen

Paris – Lunch in the Loft

Paris – In a secret Paris cavern…

Paris – My Private Dinner – organize your own!

Paris – New Friends Table

Paris – Paris Soirees Dinners (mix of dinners and other types of events)

Paris – Rachel Khoo (also at times in London)

Paris – The Sunday Dinners (Jim Haynes) (for more than 30 years!)

— Germany —

Berlin – Fisk & Gröönsaken

Berlin – Hand in Mouth

Berlin – Loteria Supper Club

Berlin – Metti una sera a cena

Berlin – Palisaden Supper Club

Berlin – Phoebe in Berlin

Berlin – Supper Club Berlin

Berlin – The Shy Chef

Berlin – Thyme Supper Club

Berlin (Havel) – Travels With My Fork

Berlin – Zagreus Projekt

Berlin – Zuhause

Bonn – La Bonn(e) Table

Düsseldorf – Sundays Dinner Party

Düsseldorf – Rebelote Supper Club

East Berlin – The Owling Supper Club

Frankfurt – The Secret Table

Hattingen/Ruhr – The Dining Room

Münich – Shane’s Kitchen

— Greece —

Athens – The Secret Supper

— Greenland —

Illulissat – H8

— Hungary —

Budapest – Lakásétterem (in Hungarian)

— Italy —


Bologna – Home Food Italy

Florence – Cucina Cinzia (also in London)

Padova – Mama Isa’s

Rome – Cook Here and Now

Vacone, Lazio – Solo Per Due

— Netherlands —

Nationwide – Tafel van Twaalf – listing of places all over the country – they keep it updated better than I can, so check it first (in Dutch)

Amsterdam – Dine with the Dutch

Amsterdam – Kilaen (in Dutch – 2 seat in-home restaurant)

— Norway —

Oslo – Club de Mardi

— Portugal —

Lisbon – Anti-Restaurant Nova Criação

Lisbon – Hush-Hush Garden

Lisbon – Marmita’s Supper Club


— Sweden —

Gothenburg – Middagsklubben GBG

Stockholm – Hemma hos Linn

— United Kingdom —

Basingstoke – Mr H Goes Gorilla

Belfast, N. Ireland – Plot 15 Supper Club

Bethesda, Gwynedd, Wales – Moel Faban Secret Supper Club

Bognor Regis, West Sussex – Hery’ Supper Club

Brighton – The Bay Supper Club

Brighton – Loco Dining

Brighton – Love Poppy

Brighton – Open House Dining

Brighton – Purple Sprouting

Bristol – Bishopston Supper Club

Bristol – Mi Casa

Bristol – The Montpelier Basement

Bristol – The Secret Service Supper Club

Cambridgeshire – The Outlawed Epicurean

Cambridgeshire – The Secluded Tea Party

Canterbury – Kaos Underground

Cardiff – Calon y Gegin

Cheltenham – Chocolate Poppy Supper Club

Colchester – Colchester Secret Supper Club

Dorset – Food Heaven

Edinburgh – Charlie and Evelyn’s Table

Edinburgh – Queen of Tarts

Exeter (South Devon) – Little Lillie’s

Exeter (Toipsham) – Vino Kitchen

Kent – Hari Covert

Kingston-Upon-Thames – Jay Kay’s Supper Club

Lancashire – Sir Cassidy’s Secret League of Diners

Leeds – The Secret Tea Room

Lindley (Huddersfield) – Cafe Nouveau at Home

London – The Basement Galley

London (Bromley) – Annie’s Supper Club

London (Shoreditch) – Bootleg Banquet

London (Tooting) – Broadway Lofts Supper Club

London (Hackney Downs) – The Bruncheon Club

London – Can be Bribed with Food – very occasional and by invitation

London (Paddington) – Castello di Potentino

London (Osterley) – Chakula’s Secret Dining Club

London – Chefs London

London (Limehouse) – Chowpatty Supper Club

London (Newington Green) – Civet Cat Club

London (Islington) – Clandestinos

London (Clapton) – The Claptonian Arts Club

London (E2) – Comida Divertida

London (Brixton) – The Crumbs and Dirty Dishes

London (Fulham) – Cucina Cinzia (also in Florence, Tuscany)

London (Hackney) – The Curious Kitchen

London (Kensington) – Daddy’s Indian Supper Club

London – Dave Clasen’s First Weekend

London (Islington) – Eat Me Supper Club

London (Hackney) – Fernandez & Leluu

London (Putney) – The First Bite Is

London (Camden) – Francesca’s Secret Kitchen

London (Wimbledon) – Frangipani Supper Club

London (Blackheath Village) – Friday Food Club

London (Shoreditch) – Full House

London (Tower Bridge) – Good Stock

London (Central) – Greekfoodlovers’ Supper Club

London (Hackney) – Green Onions

London – Hidden Tea Room

London (East/Brick Lane) – Humble Kitchen

London (Tufnell Park) – Joginder’s Supperclub

London (East End) – Khana Commune London

London (Brixton) – The Last Supper Club/Kitchen Jezebel

London – Latitudinal Cuisine – more of a pop-up potluck/potlatch

London (Islington) – Lex Eat

London (Dalston) – The Loft Project

London (Islington) – London Cooking Club

London (Northwest) – Mama Lan’s

London (Greenwich) – The Meridian Supper Club

London (East End) – Midnight Steakout

London – The Moveable Restaurant

London (Kilburn) – Ms. Marmitelover’s The Underground Restaurant

London (Haringay) – The N15 Tea Party

London (Twickenham) – Ndudu

London (Holland Park) – Nomad Chef

London (Dalston) – Number 68 Project – planned as a temporary series of events through June 2010

London (Angel) – The Old Hat Club

London (Hackney) – The Pale Blue Door

London (Dalston) – The Parkholme Road Supper Club

London (Barnet) – Pash and Friend

London (Crouch End) – PEA

London – Pipsdinners – and soon in Edinburgh

London (East) – Pistachio & Pickle

London (Camden) – Rambling Restaurant

London (Brixton) – Salad Club

London (Brixton) – The Saltoun Supper Club and a review

London (Blackheath) – The Savoy Truffle Supperclub

London (Newington Green) – The Secret Ingredient

London (Holloway) – The Secret Larder

London (Shepherds Bush) – Le Secret Supper Club

London (Dalston) – Shacklewell Nights

London (Newington Green) – The Shed

London (East Sheen) – Sheen Suppers

London (Highbury) – Single Suppers

London (Hackney Downs) – Snackney Downs

London (New Cross / Brockley / Telegraph Hill) – Sophie & Julie’s Eat Meet Supper Club

London (Lewisham) – Stocks and Hares Supper Club

London (Stoke Newington) – Stokey Secret Supper

London (Nottinghill) – Stolen – Monday’s Chow

London (Clapton) – Sugarloaf Supper Club

London (Nottinghill) – Sunday Lunch Club

London (Hendon) – Superb Suppers

London (Balham) – The Supper Club London

London (East End) – Tete-a-Tea

London (Bethnal Green) – Tudor Road Supper Club

ondon (Croydon) – The Underground Tea Party

London (West) – Urban Sage Supper Club

London (N1) – White Room Supper Club

Manchester – The Spice Club

Multi-city – Housebites (listing site for people who don’t have their own sites setup to advertise dinners)

Multi-City – Open for Dinner – online UK guide to “pop-up” restaurants

Multi-City – Pale Blue Door

Newcastle – The Next Big Event – mix of catering and popup dining events

Newcastle – An interesting extension of the idea for the Eat Newcastle Gateshead food festival.

North Oxfordshire – The Secret Supper Society

Norwich – Unthank Supper Club

Nottinghamshire – Clarkie’s Supper Club

Peterborough – The Outlawed Epicurean

Poole (Parkestone) – Tansy’s Kitchen

Reading – Friday Dinner Secrets

Scottish Borders, Scotland – Dine at my House

Warwickshire – Secret Squisito

——— Asia
— China —

Beijing – Gourmet Underground

Hong Kong – Cuore Private Kitchen

Hong Kong – Da Ping Huo – more of a small private kitchen that simply doesn’t have a sign, so you have to know it’s there – touted by many as the best Szechuan food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – A new sort of speakeasy – in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Mandy’s Private Kitchen

Hong Kong – Once Upon a Table…

Hong Kong – Private Kitchens add color to H.K. food culture

Hong Kong – Secret Diners’ Business

Shenzhen – Secret Restaurant

— Indonesia —

Jakarta – Azanaya

Yogyakarta – The Sawah

— Japan —

Tokyo – Aronia de Takazawa

— Malaysia —

Kuala Lumpur – Jen’s Underground Supper Club

Selangor – Huck’s Cafe

— Philippines —

Tagaytay City – Sanctuario

— Singapore —

Singapore – Khana Commune

——— Australia, New Zealand, S. Pacific
— Australia —

Gold Coast – Goldtoast Supper Club

Melbourne – Global Gobbler

Melbourne – Zingara Cucina

Pilbara – The Little Pilbara Kitchen

Sydney – 4 Foodies

Sydney – Bite Club

Sydney – Secret Supper Society

Sydney – Table for 20

Sydney – Tablenosh

Sydney – The company of strangers

Sydney – Transient Diner – to contact: transientdiner (at) gmail (dot) com

— New Zealand —

Auckland – Plum Kitchen Supperclub

——— Africa
— South Africa —

Pretoria – Red Tomato Bistro @ Home






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